Monday, April 6, 2015

Cycling and children

Longtime ago most of the children used to go to the school and come back home through the cycles.  Cycling was fun and this was something that most of us loved during our childhood days.  I remember most of my friends would go for cycling for kilometers during the holidays and we would go to the beaches to through the cycling.

Now days the children most times are dropped by their parents through the cars and most of the children does not go for cycling.

Along with regular education, it is always good to get the children get into some kind of physical activities and cycling is something that would always keeps the children healthy.  Most of the children does not get into any exercises and they spend more time in the front of computers and television.

It would be good to create the days like our childhood for the children where the children does the cycling and other sports and games outside their home than sitting in front of the television and computer and becoming couch potato.

Most of the parents are more concerned on the marks the children obtain than the physical activities of the children and the sports and fitness of the children.

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