Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Associate players should be given chance in IPL Cricket

One of the greatest club cricket starts today and most of the players from all around the world would be taking part in the cricket season known as Indian Premiere League.  It is always great to watch the club cricket at the best with Twenty20 matches with lots of international players with very good quality cricket.

I do feel that the players of associate countries should also be given chance in the IPL cricket.  There are lots of quality players who are able to bat well and bowl well in the associate countries.  Providing chance for these players in the IPL cricket also helps them to improve their quality and also helps to make the cricket globalize and also helps to develop the cricket in their country.

The players from the countries like Ireland do certainly need to get more opportunity to play with the international players to improve their quality and to globalize the cricket in their country.

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